5 Must Buy Items from 7-11 Taipei


Have you been to 7-11 in Taiwan? Many tourists love visiting the 7-11 outlets because they have so many items inside and it’s not expensive. They are reasonably priced (unlike Singapore) and there are so many unique items. It’s like a one-stop convenience shop where you can get everything you want without having to travel far.

Tourists favourite location of stay in Taipei is at XiMenDing (西門町) and we checked out the biggest 7-11 in the vicinity.

Just Sleep Hotel Ximending (Level 1)
No. 41, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Taipei, 10042
MRT Ximen (Exit 6)

We spoke to the boss of this outlet to find out the best sellers by tourists to bring to you this post. Here’s a special deal for our readers. If you happen to drop by this outlet, show this picture to the boss and he will treat you to a cup of coffee!

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1Chun Cui He (純萃喝) Drinks

Chun Cui He Milk Tea comes in different flavours of Milk Tea and their latest range includes Latte too. You don’t have to worry about them being sold out as they originates from Taiwan and there’s ample stocks for everyone.

2Suncake Tai Yang Bing (太陽餅) & Pineapple Cakes(黄梨酥)

You can’t leave Taiwan without bringing home some Tai Yang Bing or Pineapple Cakes. We know that some of you prefer going to the original shops to buy but we also know that some of you want to save time or don’t have the time to travel far. Good news for you. You can get it at 7-11 and it’s from the famous brand ChiaTe!

3Instant Noodles

The instant noodles you get from Taiwan is so different from elsewhere. As such, many tourists buy them home as souvenirs. Of course, many of them also get them for supper at night since 7-11 is open 24 hours!

4Hard Boiled Quail Eggs

Hard Boiled Quail Eggs is a popular souvnir which many tourists buy back as souvenirs for family and friends.

5Onsen Eggs

Onsen Eggs? Oh yes, it was a surprise that this is a popular item too. We tried it ourselves and was surprised by the flavour and quality of it. Delicious snack to try when in Taiwan.

Since this outlet is one of Taipei’s largest, they have special items which other 7-11 outlets do not have. Check them out:

6Self Freezing Coca-Cola

Self-Freezing Coca-Cola Machine!

Once the coca cola is dispensed, give it a hard knock and it will start to freeze! Interesting right? Check out the video to see how it’s done!

Self Freezing Coca-Cola

7Premium Malt’s Suntory

Premium Malt by Suntory! They have a tap in the outlet itself and if you are craving for a beer, you can easily get it from 7-11.

8UNIF Pa Shao Beef Noodle

If you want to get instant noodles back as souvenirs, this is the best you can get. UNIF Pa Shao Beef Noodle which comes in a very beautiful packaging.

Don’t forget to visit 7-11 while in Taiwan. You will be amazed by what you can find there!


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